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How you can continue your care with Dr. Crenshaw as a Self-Pay Patient:

If Dr. Crenshaw does not participate with your insurance program, you can still be seen as a Self-Pay Patient. This means that you would pay Dr. Crenshaw's professional fee prior to office visits and any procedures recommended. However, your insurance would typically cover all other tests (including blood and radiology tests) ordered by Dr. Crenshaw as long as you are referred to a facility that participates with your insurance program. If a procedure is recommended, your insurance would cover the facility fee, pathology and anesthesia services as long as they participate with your insurance program.

Your primary insurance may offer out of network benefits. If this is the case, then your insurance may pay for part of Dr. Crenshaw's professional fee. Under these circumstances, you would still be asked to pay Dr. Crenshaw's fee prior to your office visit or procedure. Then you would submit the claim/receipt to your insurance company for a reimbursement payment made directly to you.  

If you have a secondary insurance plan, and Dr. Crenshaw is a participating provider with the secondary insurance program, then part of, or all of, Dr. Crenshaw's professional services may be covered by the secondary insurance.

Due to the many different insurance programs and different types of coverage provided, we recommend that you check directly with your insurance provider to obtain answers regarding what would be covered if you consulted with Dr. Crenshaw as a non-participating provider.

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